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Award Winner

Fireman’s Fund insured 80 percent of all entertainment in the United States 

Fireman's Fund Insurance, Hurricane Sandy

Paul Fuegner of Fireman’s Fund Recognized as Marketer That Matters™ in 2014 by The Sage Group, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal.

I was honored to be selected editor for the Fireman's Fund 150th Anniversary Documentary and a part of Paul Fuegner's creative team. The Fireman’s Fund 150th anniversary event traveled across the country, the tour included a traveling museum, a digital timeline, and the Firesman's Fund 150th Anniversary documentary which dynamically tells the story of the companies rich history with its noble foundations in giving back to the firefighters and their families that made the Fireman's Fund relevant and prosperous since 1863.

“There is a sweeping trend of truly innovative and high impact marketing germinating in the Bay Area,” said Cara France, Sage Group CEO. “The depth and breadth of what the winning marketers are doing is extraordinary and the value they bring to their companies is both measurable and impressive.”



Fireman's Fund Insurance, Entertainment Insurance

ETHOS, Medical Cannabis 


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