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“Louanne gets things done. A strong work ethic is why I’ve hired Louanne as a freelance editor and I will continue to hire her in the future."

-David Carlson, Kivamedia

Highlights include; editing Google YouTube BrandConnect commercials created by influencers for YouTube,  ESPN television, "Big Game Fishing the World with Captain Norm Isaacs" and the "BXRL",

PBS cooking shows "Cooking Secrets of the CIA", and "Grilling Maestros",  trailers for TiVo, CNet, and ZDTV/TechTV.

Co-editing "The Adobe Illustrator Story" which became a Vimeo staff 

pick and being a part of the team at KivaMedia co-editing the Fireman's Fund 150th anniversary, which won a Wall Street Journal Award and working with KivaMedia on a myriad of projects.  Early in my career, I taught Avid Media Composer at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA.

The opportunity to work with talented and qualified professionals

has instilled in me the skills for creating  compelling and provocative videos in all genres.


In my spare time I assist The Plantation Museum, Papaikou, HI in capturing and editing stories about Hawaiian locals who began their work lives in the cane fields, on the railroad or in combat during World War II. These people lived a Hawaiian life that has all but disappeared and their stories are essential reminders of days gone by.

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